Anya Val Korensk

Governor of Hafen


Race: Human
Age: Mid 40s

Physical Description: Blond, short hair, fit, thin scar running across face.


Anya Val Korensk first made a name for herself as a lieutenant in Levon Korsk’s Younglings, when they held a redoubt in the eastern half of Kingsbridge to allow the Burning Road to be established.

Val Korensk made a name for herself as a premier scout and mercenary, working for trading houses, governments, and even the occasional poor citizen. She acquired her distinctive scar when she was forced to fight off an orc warband with her hair stuck in a door trap.

This led to three maxims of life for her: (1) Always keep your hair short, (2) No matter what he said, the rogue always goes in first and leaves last, (3) Hit the rogue if he disagrees.

After the disappearance of her mentor and friend Levon Korsk, when Falkar offered her the chance to sail west on their dime, she went ahead, on the grounds that she had nothing better to do. Having carefully read the charter of exploration, she took advantage of the perception of her as a wilderness brawler to establish a terra nova claim and become governor of Hafen.

She’s growing to realize that governance is much harder than she thought it’d be.

Anya Val Korensk

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