Vin "Rockjaw" Samuels

Guard Captain of Hafen


Race: Human
Age: Late forties

Vin made his bones serving with Levon Korsk and Anya Val Korensk in Kingsbridge. After his squad got cut off, an ogre attempted to punch his face in. The ogre broke his hand and Samuels stomped it to death. In a state of mild vexation.

After a stint working as a mercenary with Val Korensk, he opted to go lawful and entered the city guard of Falkar.

Even though he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, he became frustrated with the growing frustration and ennui in the Falkar Guard. When Anya Val Korensk receive her charter from Falkar, she ran into Samuels that night. Samuels rounded up a few trustworthy colleagues and went back to killing things for money.

Then Val Korensk decided to lay claim. Samuels figures that now that he’s in charge of the Guard, he’ll run things the right way. He more or less does. Unfortunately, the new recruits, as opposed to his veterans are, for lack of a better word “still learning.”

No one knows where his cigars come from.

Vin "Rockjaw" Samuels

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